Common Pilot Interview Mistake Tip #2

FindaPilot guest post by:

Angie Marshall

Angie Marshall

President of Cage Consulting offering Pilot Career Services
including; Airline Interview Preparation & Pilot Resumes

To be completely prepared you should have many stories to share with the interviewer that will clearly show how you handle yourself in various situations. However, it is human nature to have a couple of "really good" stories that you want to tell!

Surprise! The interviewer just isn't cooperating. The questions being asked just don't lend themselves to telling these "really good" stories.

Do not become so fixated on wanting to tell these stories that you decide, "Oh, well, this doesn't really answer the question-but, I'm going to tell it anyway!"

In addition, if you tell stories that are not applicable to the questions, the impression might be that you are trying to lead the interview.

It is much more to your advantage to answer the questions with applicable responses. This way the interviewer will feel that you are working with them, not just trying to complete your own agenda.

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