What is FindaPilot?

FindaPilot is a pilot search engine, job board, and pilot job matching service. To put it simply, we help employers find pilots and help pilots find jobs!


How long has FindaPilot been in business?

FindaPilot.com first launched in May 1997


I'd like to talk to someone at FindaPilot. What is your phone number?

If you would like to speak with a real, live person please call 1-888-765-2825 and leave your name, phone number and email address to request a call back. Since we are a small company (one full time employee) we can't answer the phone all the time. We have found we can support our customers better by having all the necessary information ready to go when we call you back.


How is my data kept secure?

FindaPilot has adopted an Always On SSL to keep user data safe anytime they are on the site. We keep a Premium Extended Validation Certificate, which requires the most extensive vetting process compared to all other types of SSL Certificates.  FindaPilot also maintains full PCI compliance per Credit Card industry standards.


How does the service work for employers?

FindaPilot was designed to make it easy for employers to find pilots with robust pilot directory search options, “favorite” pilot organization, saved searches and free pilot job listings. Our typical employer user will search for pilots and save or contact those matching their requirements before ever placing a job listing. Employers with active job listings are given full access to the pilot directory. 

FindaPilot now offers recruiter subscriptions (for those needing multiple job listings and/or banner advertising), employer profile subscriptions, and 30 day pilot directory passes (for employers who need full pilot directory access without placing a job listing).


What is included in a basic employer account?

A la carte employer accounts allow employers to place job listings and/or search the pilot directory without a subscription. Employers can post 30 or 90 day ads and pay per job listing or but a 30 day pilot directory access pass. Employer accounts also include job match and pilot search alerts, application tracking, messaging and more. 


Do you verify each pilot’s credentials in your directory?

FindaPilot is a matching service and we do not verify each individual pilots credentials. Each pilot profile is created and maintained by the pilot member. It is the employer’s responsibility to verify any information prior to hiring any pilot, including those on FindaPilot.


Do you offer banner advertising?

We would be happy to discuss a banner ad campaign with you. Contact Us for more information and rates.


I need to post multiple job listings each month. What are your rates?

If you are interested in posting multiple job listings sign up for a recruiter subscription for unlimited job postings. If you would like a rate sheet please contact us.


How does FindaPilot work? Is it just a pilot job board?

FindaPilot is not just another pilot job board. In fact the job board is just a small part of what our service provides. Since most employers prefer to search for pilots prior to posting a job listing we offer a pilot directory with advanced search and matching options. Employers can setup pilot search matches with email alerts, save favorite pilots, message pilots, etc. without placing a listing. This sets FindaPilot apart from the rest. We have designed a user-friendly site where employers can find pilots and contact them directly for full time or contract trips. 

In addition to the pilot search features employers can job listings to the pilot jobs board. Pilots can apply for these jobs and employers can track applications, accept or reject applications, etc. In addition our pilot matching service sends employer a daily email digest with a list of pilots who match their posted jobs. As an added service our team finds active jobs from employers not using our system and posts them as job leads to make your job search easier.

For a fun example of how our site works, read our about us page.


How will employers find my profile?

Employers have several options to search for pilots. Some options include:

  • Flight Time
  • Geographic radius (Airport ID, City, State, ZIP)
  • Aircraft Type
  • Type Rating
  • Position Seeking
  • Experience (RVSM, Atlantic Crossing, etc)

Our system also matches pilots with jobs listings automatically and sends an email alert to employers. 


How are the pilot profiles sorted in directory searches?

Pilot profiles will be displayed in the following order with the most recently updated profile showing first

  1. Featured Professional
  2. Featured Private
  3. Professional
  4. Private
  5. Basic Free listings


What does a free pilot account include?

Free pilot accounts are designed for new users to try out our system without a subscription. Free pilot members can complete and update their profile, create saved searches, job alerts, and conduct job searches. Employers can access basic information on free profiles (flight time, experience, location, etc) but all contact information and personal information is kept private. Free pilot members can upgrade at any time through their pilot dashboard to gain all the benefits the site provides. Free pilot members can view and apply for jobs older than 72 hours for free. Free profiles are listed in pilot searches after Paid Subscribers.


Can I hide my profile?

Pilots have full control over who sees their profile. There are also advanced privacy settings, which allow you to hide specific sections to specific FindaPilot visitors. You can completely hide and unhide your profile at any time with the click of a button. 


Are all memberships recurring billing?

Yes. All memberships are pre-paid and yearly recurring billing.


How do I cancel my subscription? Will I lose access if I cancel before the end of my billing cycle?

You can easily cancel your subscription through your account by clicking on the subscription tab and then clicking cancel. Cancelling your subscription will downgrade your account to the free level of service and you will lose most of the features of a paid subscription. You will continue to have service until the end of your billing period.


Can I delete my account completely?

Yes. Deleting your account can be accomplished by going to your Account tab then clicking Delete Account. Deleting your account will permanently remove your profile, delete any saved payment methods, and terminate any active subscriptions. This action cannot be undone.