7 Airline Industry Trends to Be Aware of in 2017

As the airline industry continues to rapidly evolve, there are several trends that you should be aware of in 2017. Learn about these 7 innovative trends here.

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The airline industry is getting more technologically advanced and consumer-friendly every day. 

For pilots and other aviation professionals, this means more opportunities for employment and advancement. 

For consumers, this can mean more comfortable and convenient travel. 

But we are an increasingly connected society, and the airline industry is taking note. 

In 2017, getting there is almost as much fun as being there. 

Here are 7 Airline Industry Trends that everyone should be aware of this year.

The Food Will Be Getting Better

The woes of eating a microwave dinner at 30,000 feet have long been documented. 

Airlines are looking to increase the quality of their meals by partnering with gourmet chefs and food experts from around the world.

These high-end meals will likely be offered at a nominal cost as an alternative to the mediocre free meals typically offered. 

Many airlines are already offering these meals as an option. 

British Airways is currently weighing the pros and cons of removing free refreshments from their flights altogether.

Their argument is that although passengers will have to pay for their food, this enables the standards of taste to be much higher.

A small cost to enrich the overall flight experience. 

More Perks for Loyal Customers

If you are a frequent flier, airlines are looking to keep you around.

Look for more opportunities to receive perks from airline companies.

This could include enhancements of perks that are already enjoyed by many.

For example, the airlines could offer limited increases in the amount of miles received per flight.

This means you will be able to fly more often, and for less.

Free Wi-Fi is Coming

The airline industry is often seen as innovative pioneers in the world of consumer technology.

It seems as though their logical next step is free wi-fi for passengers on all flights.

This would be a fantastic improvement to airline travel that would show the industry is keeping up with the times, as they always have. 

Free wi-fi is immensely convenient for passengers who need to connect to the internet for professional or personal reasons, especially on long flights.

But it also represents a revenue opportunity for airlines who will be able to conduct retail sales over the internet.

The classic "Sky Mall" magazines may be a thing of the past, as passengers will be able to access the catalog through their phones.

You Will Have Cheaper Options

Many airlines these days are offering budget options in an effort to court those who are averse to the expenses of air travel.

American Airlines is following in the footsteps of some European airlines by offering a ticket that includes few perks past a seat.

In basic economy, you are won't be able to enjoy some of the amenities afforded to higher class passengers.

However, these tickets are often much cheaper.

If all you are looking for is to get from point A to point B, this may be a viable option. 

Look Out for Customer-Centric Initiatives

Recent poor press surrounding certain airlines means that the rest of this year will surely be spent wooing consumers back to the airline industry. 

Keep an eye out for these initiatives.

These could include sales on ticket prices, airline sponsored events, and a revised employee-customer relations program.

The airline industry will likely be looking to make sure that their public image becomes more amicable and consumer oriented. 

Security will get tighter, but more organized

The events of the last few decades ensure that airport security will not become lax anytime soon.

Unorganized security practices are often cited as a major deterrent to air travel for many consumers.

After all, many airports have different security rules.

Some require you to remove some articles of clothing while in line, while others make you remove laptops and gaming devices from carry-on luggage.

This lack of cohesion and uniform security protocol can lead to headaches and delays for thousands of travelers.

Part of this lack of organization can be attributed to an exponential increase in security measures without the infrastructure to properly implement them.

Either way, we can assume that airport security protocol can only get more seamless from here.

This could involve a series of measures designed to improve the security experience for customers while also becoming more accurate, including... 

Increased Automation

Like it or not, many of the jobs common today are headed for automation in the next few years.

A lot of procedures that customers are required to participate in before they fly and after they land will likely begin to be computerized in 2017.

Some airports have already automated customs and immigration procedures for international passengers. 

It is very likely that the future of airline bureaucracy lies in the hands of robots and computers. 

This is primarily due to the fact that machines are generally cheaper than people.

As labor costs rise, the airline industry is looking to save money any way they can.

The airline industry is changing, largely for the better.

If you are seeking employment as a pilot or aviation professional, it is important to keep track of consumer and industrial trends. 

But there is no better time to join the airline industry than right now.

In fact, it is likely that the coming years will be defined by a shortage of pilots.

This may be because education and training for pilots do not come cheap. 

However, some may say it's impossible to ignore your passion. 

Airlines are looking for professionals that can be the face of the brand while ensuring that every flight is a successful one. 

If you believe this is you, don't be afraid to follow your dream!

There are many options at your disposal.

You could follow the route of a commercial pilot. 

Or, you could become a contract pilot and work as a freelancer. This can be a great way to have steady work while maintaining a flexible home life. 

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