7 Pilot Job Hunting Hacks That You Should Be Using

In today’s Internet driven world it is easy to take the lazy way out and find a job passively using job boards and aviation application services. Here at FindaPilot.com we want to help pilots get a job whether they are using our service or not. We believe the pilot job search is an active process and if you aren’t doing all these methods than you probably should be.

1. Hit the tarmac with a resume in hand

Back before the Internet, fax machines, and email, to get a job you sometimes had to put yourself out there, literally. If you truly want a job in aviation you should shine your shoes, put on some business casual attire and hit the pavement at your local airports. Bring some resumes with the intent to give out as many as you can.

This step may not get you an interview on the spot but it is a great way to network and show your dedication to the industry. If the flight departments and flight schools at your local airport don’t know you yet this is a great way to build a network and maybe even land a job.

2. Use the FAA database to locate aircraft owners by type

You have experience in many different aircraft types and you even have a few favorites that you prefer to fly. How do you go about finding out where those aircraft are based?

Using the FAA database takes a bit of time and trouble but since so many pilots simply don’t do it you will have an edge on the competition. You will need Excel or Google Sheets to sort the data downloaded from the FAA.

             Step One: go to www.FAA.gov

Step Two: click on Licenses & Certification and select Aircraft Certification

Step Three: Click on Search Aircraft Registration Information then click on Aircraft Inquiry

Step Four: Click on State and County, pick youe state and county and click submit

Step Five: On the results page, click on the green Excel icon to download as a .xls file

Step Six: Open the file in Excel or Google Sheets to sort and search

Step Seven: Use the data on your narrowed list to start sending resumes or to get in touch with the individual or corporate flight department you are interested in

3. Use CharterHub to find charter operators in your area

If you are a pilot then you know that many charter companies are always in need of pilots. Many charter companies operate multiple aircraft types and can offer you a job based on your aircraft experience.

Similar to the FAA database, we can use CharterHub.com to help find companies flying our preferred aircraft type.

Step One: Go to CharterHub.com

             Step Two: Look for the Find Charter Companies search box on the left side of the page

             Step Three: enter your zip code and a range

Step Four: Sort through the results to get information on charter companies who operate in your area or who operate your aircraft type

Step Five: Use the data on your narrowed list to start sending resumes or to get in touch with the charter department you are interested in working for

4. Find flight schools using a flight school directory

If you are a CFI you can find flight schools in your area and target them in your job search. There are several resources online to help find flight schools. One of the best is on the AOPA website here: http://flighttraining.aopa.org/learntofly/school/flight_schools/

5. Network on LinkedIn

Networking offline is very important in any job search but don’t leave out opportunities to network online too. If you aren’t a member of LinkedIn then signup and complete your free profile. After you have filled out a profile start linking up with friends and colleagues to expand your network. It is also important to join some groups and introduce yourself. Here are some recommendedgroups on LinkedIn          

            Pilot Recruitment and Contract Pilots

            Aviation Contract Pilot Pool

            Professional Pilot Employment Search

6. Network on the FindaPilot private forum and on ProPilotWorld

FindaPilot.com now offers a private members only forum for its pilot subscribers. You can use the forum to ask career advice, find job leads, and network with other professional pilots!

And be sure to check out ProPilotWorld as well. It is an active forum of pilots who love to network and help other pilots. When it comes to finding a job or getting help in your career, “PPW” is an invaluable resource. To join click here.

7. Send your resume in creative ways

If you want to get the attention of a pilot hiring manager or HR department then you may have to get creative. Folding your resume into a white envelope and mailing it to HR is sure to put you in a stack of hundreds of other resumes.

Do your research and find the full name and address of the hiring manager and you are ready to apply then send your resume via FedEx. Sending via FedEx should get your resume past any gatekeepers and directly in the hands of the hiring manager. Be careful though as this tactic can get expensive.

Another cheaper yet creative way to send in a resume is to use a small shipping tube rather than an envelope. Everyone loves getting packages in the mail and a tube will certainly set your resume apart from the crowd.

While you are spending your time productively using the tips above, don’t forget to continue to use the power of the Internet to bring employers to you too. With FindaPilot.com you can publish your online profile in our pilot directory. Employers find pilots by aircraft type, type ratings, airport location flight time and more using our advanced search features. Click Here to Join FindaPilot today!