Max M.

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Primary: Contract Pilot
Secondary: Corporate Pilot
Total Time: 5,435
Multi Engine Land: 3,461

  • +1(305)517-7717

About Me

Freelance pilot B737 BBJ PIC upon request with daily rate of $1500 door to door.

My expertise encompasses everything related to Captain functions on the Boeing 737 BBJ. This involves coordination of passengers requirements and HQ communications, flight planning, international and customs requirements, excellent communication skills with flight crew and all personnel related to the trip, regulatory oversight and compliance, maintenance considerations. This job also encourages the ability to have flexibility, to make quick decisions and to incorporate changes while on a trip.



Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Single Engine Land
Airplane Multi Engine Land
Flight Instructor
Airplane Single Engine
Instrument Airplane

Type Ratings

B-737/A (BBJ)

Flight Time

5,435 hours
3,461 hours

Special Training

RVSM Certified, Atlantic Crossing/Ops, Pacific Crossing/Ops, Middle East Ops, European Ops, African Ops, CPR Training

Aircraft Experience

Boeing B737/BBJ
Daily Rate: 1,500 - 2,000
Total: 3,435 hours
PIC: 1,172 hours
SIC: 2,264 hours
Last Recurrent: 12/2022

Languages Spoken