Keith Perry

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Primary: Corporate Pilot
Secondary: Charter Pilot
Total Time: 4,470
Multi Engine Land: 3,480

About Me

Keith is a knowledgeable pilot with extensive experience in both turboprop and jet aircraft.  He has spent his career providing safe and efficient service to his clients and adding value to flight departments through his focus on the customer’s needs and seamless logistics.  Often recognized for his ability to remain flexible even in dynamic situations, Keith’s demeanor has made him an effective mentor, coach, and team player.

✔️ Experienced Chief Pilot and Captain skilled in managing customer logistics and expectations
✔️ Delivers exceptional customer service allowing flight departments to capture and retain high-value clientele
✔️ Spearheaded avionics refurbishment of company aircraft increasing asset value by over 30%
✔️ Natural leadership style focused on inclusivity and team success
✔️ Deep technical & regulatory knowledge that will enhance flight department safety, efficiency, and cost savings initiatives

As the Chief Pilot for an active flight department catering to the owner and his travel needs, Keith regularly engaged in negotiations to attract the best contract pilots and have maintenance performed efficiently to ensure cost effective operations for the department.  He was successful in increasing aircraft value over 30% through an avionics upgrade that added value for the owner through practical and thoughtful cabin upgrades.  As a Captain at Hodges Ward & Elliot, Keith enjoys flying in a first-class flight department focused on standardized procedures and Crew Resource Management (CRM).  His philosophy of exceptional customer service and dedication to providing bespoke experiences makes him an asset to a flight department seeking to attract and retain high value clientele.

Additional Skills



ProLine 21, ProLine Fusion, G1000, EFIS 85 experienced


Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Multi Engine Land
Commercial Pilot
Airplane Single Engine Land
Flight Instructor
Airplane Single Engine
Airplane Multi Engine
Instrument Airplane

Type Ratings

BE-300/350/A (Flight Safety International Atlanta, Ga), G280/A (Flight Safety International Dallas/Fort Worth, Tx)

Flight Time

4,470 hours
3,480 hours

Special Training

RVSM Certified

Aircraft Experience

Beech King Air 300/350
Total: 3,360 hours
PIC: 3,340 hours
SIC: 20 hours
Last Recurrent: 05/2019
Cessna Single Piston
Total: 980 hours
PIC: 900 hours
Gulfstream G280
Total: 30 hours
PIC: 20 hours
Last Recurrent: 01/2020
Citation 750 Citation X
Total: 20 hours
PIC: 15 hours
SIC: 5 hours
Last Recurrent: 03/2021

Employment History

Jan 2020 - Present
Hotel Aviation
Gulfstream Captain

Operate one aircraft under FAR Part 91 in a two pilot crew while providing exceptional service to company owner and family.

Perform preflight inspections, file FAA flight plans, calculate weight and balance data, and review the aircraft performance.

Order passenger/crew catering, secure ground transportation, organize hotel accommodations and organize charter requirements.

Manage company hanger and fuel tanks, tow aircraft and refuel, organize and oversee the aircraft maintenance and cleaning.

Feb 2012 - Dec 2019
Mercedes Benz of Mobile
Chief Pilot

Manage 1 aircraft and 3 contract pilots providing a first class travel experience for company owner, executives, family members, and guests throughout the United States under FAR Part 91.

Perform preflight inspections, file FAA flight plans, calculate weight/balance data, and review aircraft performance.

Order passenger/crew catering, secure ground transportation, organize hotel accommodations, and coordinate special requests.

Track/schedule aircraft maintenance, update charts and navigation databases, and audit maintenance and financial records.

Aug 2011 - Jan 2012
Baton Rouge Air Charter
Charter Captain

Transported charter clients, business executives, private family, and guests throughout the United States under FAR Part 91/135.
Flights conducted both single and dual pilot operating in challenging environments including all-weather and short field.
Filed flight plans, obtained weather/ATC clearances, replenished aircraft stock, loaded catering, and maintained aircraft cleanliness.

Oct 2007 - Aug 2011
Louisiana Machinery

Flew 3 business owners, family members, and guests throughout the United States and Caribbean under FAR Part 91.

Reviewed customs paperwork, filed FAA/ICAO flight plans, coordinated ground handling, and secured ground transportation.

Maintained aircraft cleanliness and performed detailing services. Washed, waxed, polished metal brightwork, refurbished de-ice boots, conditioned leather, and polished wood/metal interior trim.

Apr 2006 - Aug 2007
Corporate Services LLC
Pilot and Support Technician

Managed private aircraft flying 100 hours annually under FAR Part 91 supporting owner-operator expanding a software business.

Trained Private Pilot/business executive on basic airmanship, decision-making, thunderstorm/winter weather flying, high-performance aircraft operations, and high-density airspace/IFR operations.

Assisted software company with customer service and help desk operations. Fielded customer phone calls regarding software problems, assigned software specialists to customer resolution cases, and assisted with software troubleshooting.

Jan 2006 - Jul 2007
Louisiana Aircraft
CFII and Assistant Manager

Louisiana Aircraft, Baton Rouge, LA Jan 06-July 07

Employed as a flight instructor as well as the assistant manager for the Cessna Pilot Center at Louisiana Aircraft I was responsible for: Primary and advanced training in the C172S G1000. Verifying the accuracy of flight instructor time sheets. Writing summary reports on all aircraft usage. Ensuring compliance with all Airworthiness Directives and the Cessna Pilot Center SOP's.

Oct 2005 - Dec 2005
Northwestern State University
Filght Instructor

Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA Oct 05-Dec 05

After graduation from Northwestern I enjoyed employment for the first time as a flight instructor in the 14 CFR 141 flight school responsible for: Primary and advanced training in the C152, C172/RG. Instrument training in the C172 and C172RG. Performing maintenance flights as necessary. Completing flight reviews for students

Education History

Aug 2000 - May 2005
Northwestern State University
2.80 GPA
Aviation Science

Additional Training

October, 2007 - October, 2007
Flight Safety International
King Air 300/350 Type Rating
January, 2020 - January, 2020
Flight Safety International
0.00 GPA

Languages Spoken