Dennis Rustigian

near Usa... will relocate

Primary: Corporate Pilot
Secondary: Part Time Pilot
Total Time: 15,975

About Me

I would like to briefly introduce myself and submit my resume for your consideration as a future crew member. My flying experience has span over 25 years of accident free worldwide operations predominately in Asia, Europe, India, the Middle East and North American domestic destinations.

I have completed advanced training programs in many aspects of aviation including the newest and most innovative in Glass Cockpit Technology, Enhanced Flight Vision Displays, FMS Navigation, CPDLC and Honeywell’s Advanced Quantum Avionics and Navigation Communications Suite. I am a graduate of IATA: Human Factors in Aviation training and Advanced Crew Resource Management.

Having flown over ten years in the corporate business environment I am extremely aware of the requirements and expectations of those I will be serving. I will always be the best liaison possible providing the most enjoyable experience to those you entrust to me. As your representative I will strive to maintain their confidence and respect while preforming at the highest professional level possible, putting their safety and comfort as my top priority. 

Attached is a copy of my resume which is a brief overview of my flying background but it does not allow me to truly introduce myself as an individual my passion for professional flying or dedication to service. I would welcome the opportunity to present myself for a more comprehensive evaluation.

Thank you,

Dennis Rustigian

949-795-3863 (Cell)

Additional Skills


International Training Current:  CPDLC, RVSM, ETOPS Class II Navigation

Atlantic Crossing/Ops, Pacific Crossing/Ops, China Ops, Middle East Ops,  European Ops, Russian Federation


Airline Transport Pilot

Type Ratings


Flight Time

15,975 hours

Special Training

RVSM Certified, Atlantic Crossing/Ops, Pacific Crossing/Ops, Middle East Ops, European Ops, CPR Training

Aircraft Experience

Gulfstream GVI (G650)
Total: 375 hours
PIC: 275 hours
SIC: 100 hours
Last Recurrent: 08/2014
Gulfstream G350/450/550
Total: 325 hours
PIC: 125 hours
Last Recurrent: 08/2014
Boeing B777
Total: 3,250 hours
PIC: 3,250 hours
Last Recurrent: 05/2014
Boeing B747
Total: 5,000 hours
PIC: 1,000 hours
Airbus A310
Total: 3,000 hours
PIC: 3,000 hours
Daily Rate: 2,000 - 2,000
Total: 3,800 hours
PIC: 3,800 hours

Employment History

Jan 2008 - Present
Clay Lacy Aviation/ IDO Contract Services

Education History

Sep 1976 - Jun 1980
Cal State Fresno

Languages Spoken