Christopher Cheek

near Palm Springs, CA... will relocate

Primary: Dual Rated Pilot
Secondary: Contract Pilot
Total Time: 13,456
Multi Engine Land: 3,713

About Me

Dual Rated Pilot

  • ATP – Airplane Multi-Engine Land
  • ATP – Airplane Single Engine Land
  • Current Part 135 PIC Eurocopter AS350 / Bell 206 L4 / R-44
  • Part 121 SF340B Type (PIC) Pan Am 10/12
  • Part 135 HA-420 Type (SIC) Flight Safety 07/20
  • Part 135 CE-500 Type (PIC) CAE 04/14
  • Part 135 C-208B Initial Training (PIC) Flight Safety 09/11
  • King Air B-200 Initial Training (PIC) Simcom 09/19
  • BE-60 Initial Training C-421C (PIC) Simcom 10/13
  • Certified Mountain Search & Rescue Pilot (DOT)
  • Redlands Police Dept. Aerial Surveillance Pilot
  • Part 141 & 61 Senior Instructor / Check Airman
  • Certified Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI)
  • Certified Flight Instructor Airplane (CFI) (CFII)
  • Certified Flight Instructor Helicopter (CFI)
  • Advance Ground & Instrument Instructor
  • Robinson Safety Course (08/10)
  • SFAR R-44 & R-22
  • Class 1 Medical (No Restrictions) / Current US Passport
  • FCC Radiotelephone Operator Permit
  • RVSM Certified, Oceanic RNP- RNAV 1 & 2, Water Egress, CPR / AED


Additional Skills

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Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Single Engine Land
Airplane Multi Engine Land
Commercial Pilot
Airplane Single Engine Land
Airplane Multi Engine Land
Instrument Airplane
Instrument Helicopter
Flight Instructor
Airplane Single Engine
Instrument Airplane
Ground Instructor

Type Ratings

CE-500/A, SF-340/A, CE-500/A, HA-420/A

Flight Time

13,456 hours
3,713 hours

Special Training

RVSM Certified, Pacific Crossing/Ops, European Ops, CPR Training

Aircraft Experience

Cessna Caravan
Daily Rate: 100 - 0
Total: 16 hours
PIC: 16 hours
Last Recurrent: 09/2011
Cessna Single Piston
Daily Rate: 200 - 0
Total: 1,602 hours
PIC: 1,511 hours
Piper Single Engine
Daily Rate: 200 - 0
Total: 1,012 hours
PIC: 1,012 hours
Piper Twin Piston
Daily Rate: 200 - 0
Total: 292 hours
PIC: 292 hours
Cessna 414/421
Daily Rate: 100 - 0
Total: 25 hours
PIC: 25 hours
Robinson R-22
Daily Rate: 100 - 0
Total: 281 hours
PIC: 253 hours
Last Recurrent: 08/2010
Beech Twin Bonanza
Daily Rate: 100 - 0
Total: 78 hours
PIC: 74 hours
Cessna 303/310/335/340
Daily Rate: 100 - 0
Total: 11 hours
PIC: 11 hours
Robinson R-44
Daily Rate: 500 - 2,000
Total: 1,100 hours
PIC: 1,105 hours
Last Recurrent: 10/2017
Daily Rate: 0 - 2,000
Total: 1 hours
PIC: 1 hours
Last Recurrent: 02/2019

Employment History

Mar 2011 - Jul 2011
Edwards Air Force Base Aero Club
Senior Flight Instructor (Part 141)

Conduct primary and advance flight and ground instruction for private and commercial single engine land for active duty / civil service components.  Instrument proficiency check rides and/or currency for UAV pilots, Air Force Test Pilot School students- cadres and NASA personnel through restricted airspaces and high wind conditions.

Apr 2009 - Dec 2010
Universal Air Academy
Stage Examiner & Senior Flight Instructor (Part 141)

Conduct primary and advance flight and ground instruction for private, instrument, commercial and multi-engine students.  Administer existing lesson plans. Teach and evaluate CFI and CFII candidates. Ensure all students understand and practice all aspects of the Department Flight School’s Aviation Safety Program. Responsible for the timely course completion of all flight students assigned, including completion of required paperwork and assignment of final course grade.

Nov 2006 - Apr 2009
Abacus Financial Consultant, Inc.

Direct involvement with clients in providing full-service accounting, financial analysis, budgeting, tax preparation, and financial statements development services to the construction/ building industry.  Implemented and educated clients to becoming GAAP compliant as to Cost Accounting relevant to their industry.  Recently during the current economic down turn; assisted clients with working capital management, financial intermediation, financial modeling, corporate alignment with business objectives, refinancing, intensive cash management, debt and equity restructuring, distress M&A, contingency planning, crisis management, solvent exits, orderly closures.

Sep 2004 - Oct 2006
Ocotillo Builders, Inc.
Chief Financial Officer

Direct strategic-level financial goal setting. Supervise profitability, compliance, reporting, and liquidity for a group of affiliated companies providing vertically and horizontally integrated land/real estate development services. Guide the budget development process in collaboration with executive and functional leadership. Compile performance data and prepare periodic financial statements and compliance reports. Serve as primary point of contact for investors and creditors including banks, venture capitalists, and shareholders. Manage loan servicing agreements, short-term and long-term financing sources, credit agreements, and contract negotiations for all real estate transaction, bids, contracts, and leases.

Oversee administration of AP/AR processes. Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual tax filings. Conduct exhaustive internal audits and facilitate the external audit process. Proactively monitor and report organizational financial health to other C-level leadership. Review and negotiate vendor service levels and contract agreements. Identify opportunities for high-level performance improvement opportunities, including process and procedures development, cost savings, performance benchmarking and KPIs, and personnel practices.  

Jan 2011 - Aug 2012
Pac West Air
Flight Instructor (Part 61)

Conduct primary and advance flight and ground instruction for sport, private, instrument,
commercial pilot applicants.

Aug 2012 - Apr 2013
Silver Airways Airlines (United Airlines Regional)
First Officer (Part 121)

Initial hire as a Captain, however during ground training Union Ruled class must show preference
to 1900 SIC’s for upgrades to PIC on SF340. Perform functions as specified in company manuals or as assigned by the PIC;assure that FAA regulations and/or procedures are being adhered to for a safe/legal flight.

Mar 2014 - Apr 2015
Mach One Air Charters
First Officer (Part 135)

Performed functions as specified in company manuals or as assigned by the PIC; assure that FAA
regulations and/or procedures are being adhered to for safe /legal flight. Charter operations for Sentient Jet, LLC within the continental United States, Alaska and Mexico.

Jan 2016 - Present
Big Blue Air Helicopters
Chief Pilot / Line Pilot (Part 135)

Performed functions as prescribed in Part 135 section of FAR/ AIM and company Ops
Spec/ GOM; including training and drug program. Worked as direct liaison with our POI and PMI at our local FSDO. Direct control of dispatching aircraft and pilot for operations including ENG for local NBC Television Affiliate.

Education History

Aug 2003 - Dec 2005
College of the Desert, CA
3.89 GPA
Aug 2006 - Dec 2007
California Southern Law School, CA
3.50 GPA
Aug 2004 - Jun 2006
California State University, CA
2.66 GPA
Jan 2009 - Dec 2009
Utah Valley University, UT
3.45 GPA

Languages Spoken