Arne Roaldsand

near Nashville, TN... will relocate

Primary: Corporate Pilot
Secondary: Contract Pilot
Total Time: 15,720
Multi Engine Land: 14,010

About Me


Arne is a pilot with over thirty-five years of experience in the cockpit. Born in 1958, he grew up on a small island in the southern part of Norway. After years of watching planes go by at the local airport a short walk from his house, he decided to leave Norway in his early twenties and move to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to attend school at the international flight center there. Over the years Arne has served in the aviation industry as a flight instructor and a pilot in corporate, contract, and charter settings. Most recently, he was a company instructor and captain on a Falcon 2000 in New Delhi, India. Arne remains full of hope for his next aviation opportunity to bring him new learning experiences while doing the work he loves. When his head is not “up in the clouds”, he finds joy in spending time with his wife, Pam, and beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Hermie. He also enjoys visiting his two adult children, frequenting his local YMCA, training for tennis and hockey tournaments, mentoring youth and adults with spinal cord injuries at Vanderbilt’s rehab center, and modeling on the occasional runway. 


Additional Skills

It is with great pleasure that I offer you my resume in pursuit of a Pilot position within your organization. I have flown large-cabin aircraft since 2005 and provided close to 4,000 hours of safe executive/management transport in this type of aircrafts.

During my tenure in aviation, I have experienced working as a pilot in corporate, charter, and private settings. My services include 16,000 hours of accident free flying both here in the U.S. and abroad. You will find my credentials are up to date, and I hold a current first class medical certificate, and Falcon 2000 FAR 61.58 PIC recurrence. I am willing to relocate, and ready to commit to the challenge of fostering success to a growing flight department.


Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Multi Engine Land
Flight Instructor
Airplane Single Engine
Airplane Multi Engine
Instrument Airplane

Type Ratings


Flight Time

15,720 hours
14,010 hours

Special Training

RVSM Certified, Atlantic Crossing/Ops, Pacific Crossing/Ops

Aircraft Experience

Falcon 2000
Daily Rate: 1,050 - 1,500
Total: 3,780 hours
PIC: 2,015 hours
SIC: 1,765 hours
Last Recurrent: 11/2018
Falcon 20/200
Daily Rate: 0 - 900
Total: 4,450 hours
PIC: 2,500 hours
SIC: 1,950 hours
Falcon 10/100
Daily Rate: 0 - 800
Total: 455 hours
PIC: 350 hours
SIC: 105 hours
Learjet LR 31/35/55
Daily Rate: 0 - 800
Total: 1,530 hours
PIC: 900 hours
SIC: 630 hours
Learjet LR 24/25/28
Daily Rate: 0 - 800
Total: 215 hours
SIC: 215 hours

Employment History

Nov 2018 - Present
Corporate Contract Pilot

All credentials up to date, current first class medical certificate and Falcon 2000 FAR 61.58 PIC recurrence.

Willing to relocate and ready to commit to the challenges of fostering success to a growing flight department.

Jan 2015 - Nov 2015
Ligare Aviation Ltd.
Captain and Company Instructor

Company instructor and charter pilot on Falcon 2000

Certified to fly Indian registered aircrafts under DGCA’s FATA program

Aug 2014 - Jan 2015
Jet Linx Aviation
Corporate Contract Pilot

Supported several of their domiciles as a Captain on Falcon 2000.

Apr 1992 - Mar 2014
Tenet Healthcare Corporation*
Corporate Pilot

Provided transportation for the executive team.

*Company name and headquarter changed numerous times, primarily one management team.

Aug 1984 - Mar 1991
Several charter companies
Charter Pilot

Provided domestic and international Passenger and Freight Transport

Additional Training

June, 2005 - July, 2005
CAE SimuFlie, Dallas TX
Initial DA-2000 PIC Training and Certification
April, 1996 - April, 1996
CAE SimuFlite, Dallas TX
0.00 GPA
March, 1994 - March, 1994
CAE SimuFlite, Dallas TX
0.00 GPA

Languages Spoken