Michael Hulett

near Atlanta, GA...

Primary: Contract Pilot
Secondary: Corporate Pilot
Total Time: 6,800
Additional locations: 30577

About Me

Just Moved back to Georgia can contract anywhere in the world on short notice or would be interested in a full time postion that i can commute to.

Additional Skills

ASE certified automotive tech Navy trained Avionics tech


Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Single Engine Land
Airplane Multi Engine Land

Type Ratings

DA-2000/A, CE-650/A

Flight Time

6,800 hours

Special Training

RVSM Certified, Atlantic Crossing/Ops, Pacific Crossing/Ops, South American Ops, European Ops, CPR Training

Aircraft Experience

Falcon 2000
Daily Rate: 1,000 - 0
Total: 4,100 hours
SIC: 600 hours
Last Recurrent: 05/2018
Citation 650 Citation III/VII
Daily Rate: 500 - 0
Total: 700 hours
PIC: 400 hours
SIC: 300 hours
Last Recurrent: 03/2005

Employment History

Apr 2004 - Feb 2009
Bank of America
Falcon 2000 PIC

Corperate Part 91 Falcon 2000 Pic

Jul 2009 - Apr 2018
3 seasons capital
chief pilot

Aircraft manager and primary pilot part 91 ops

Apr 2018 - Present
Contract Pilot
line pilot and instructor

Additional Training

May, 2018 - June, 2018
CAE Simuflite
Falcon 2000 and 2000ex recurrent

Languages Spoken