Bernardo Tosto

Primary: Contract Pilot
Secondary: Corporate Pilot
Total Time: 8,700
Multi Engine Land: 5,150


Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Single Engine Land
Airplane Multi Engine Land

Type Ratings

CE-500/A, LR-45/A, LR-60, G-V/A, G150/A, G-200/A (SIC Only), EMB-500/A

Flight Time

8,700 hours
5,150 hours

Special Training

RVSM Certified, Atlantic Crossing/Ops, South American Ops, European Ops, African Ops, CPR Training

Aircraft Experience

Gulfstream G350/450/550
Daily Rate: 1,200 - 2,000
Total: 500 hours
PIC: 500 hours
Last Recurrent: 12/2015
Gulfstream G150
Daily Rate: 950 - 2,000
Total: 800 hours
PIC: 800 hours
Last Recurrent: 02/2017
Learjet LR 60/60XR
Daily Rate: 800 - 2,000
Total: 25 hours
PIC: 23 hours
SIC: 2 hours
Last Recurrent: 03/2017
Learjet LR 40/45
Daily Rate: 850 - 2,000
Total: 1,000 hours
PIC: 1,000 hours
Last Recurrent: 08/2015

Employment History

Nov 2009 - Present
Elite Aviation
Instructor/Captain: G450/G150/LR45/Phenom 100 § Part 135 passenger operations throughout the World § Conduct initial and recurrent training for new hires and Captains § Responsible for the efficient transport of passengers while complying with company policies and procedures in a safe and professional manner Director of operation: Responsible to the company flight operations conducted by crewmembers under Part 135, including the training of these personnel. Responsible for all the initial certification of the 135 certificate with ANAC.

Education History

Aug 1996 - Jun 1999
Miramar College
Aviation Maintenance Technician