James Havis

near Las Vegas, NV... will relocate

Primary: Corporate Pilot
Secondary: Chief Pilot or Management Pilot
Total Time: 3,227
Multi Engine Land: 2,855

About Me

I remember the day when I decided to become a pilot...

I was taking a break from my regular duties as a Hospital Corpsman.  I had to work the gate at our small Naval base in South Carolina.  I met my new supervisor, and we became fast friends.  He began to share with me his previous sub duties and how he dreamed of flying and I quickly adopted that as my dream too.  As an E3, there was no extra money to afford to flying lessons.  I worked at Pizza Hut for extra money so I just could afford to take care of my family while in the Navy. I determined in my heart to learn how to fly one day.  

I believe that everyone should be able to live their dreams.

Like many others who have pressed themselves into something greater, I was able to accomplish my dream of learning to fly in 2006, just 12 years later.  I not only learned to fly but interviewed and landed my first airline job within 14 months of beginning flight training.  I believe my drive and determination made all the difference.  I was not lucky; I was prepared, and opportunity presented itself.  I gained valuable experience by landing positions of influence as a management pilot and a contract pilot to several high net-worth families in Central Texas. Within these organizations, I not only piloted their aircraft, but managed aircraft logs, maintenance events, created Safety Management Systems, supervised pre-purchase inspection events, cleaning and dry leasing.


Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Single Engine Land
Airplane Multi Engine Land
Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Single Engine Land
Airplane Multi Engine Land

Type Ratings

CE-500/A, CE-650 (SIC Only), CL-65 (SIC Only)

Flight Time

3,227 hours
2,855 hours

Special Training

RVSM Certified, CPR Training