Alberto Bofill

near Hialeah, FL...

Primary: Corporate Pilot
Secondary: Fractional Pilot
Total Time: 8,637
Additional locations: 33016 Hialeah

  • 305-338-3631

Flight Time

8,637 hours

Special Training

RVSM Certified, Atlantic Crossing/Ops, Pacific Crossing/Ops, South American Ops, European Ops, CPR Training

Aircraft Experience

Learjet LR 40/45
Daily Rate: 550 - 0
Total: 1,420 hours
PIC: 1,033 hours
SIC: 387 hours
Last Recurrent: 02/2014

Employment History

Jan 2011 - Present
N1925B LLC.
Chief Pilot

Responsible for the safe operation of company aircraft in the US and South America. Ensure that aircraft is airworthy and crew is available, legal, rested and current for each flight. Accomplish flight planning in accordance with FARs, Company Policies and Aircraft Flight Manual. Ensure aircraft is clean and prepared for flight. Monitor and coordinate aircraft maintenance including routine  and non routine maintenance as per maintenance program. Perform other job related duties as assigned.

Aug 2010 - Feb 2011
American Eagle Airlines
First Officer

Assisted the Captain of a CL65 aircraft with the safe and efficient transportation of passengers under FAR 121 and American Airlines umbrella, operating around the US and ensuring the flights were conducted in accordance with company policies and procedures while maintaining the highest level of safety.

May 2008 - Dec 2009
Southern skies

Captain of LR45 for Corporation based in the US and Brazil. Responsible for the efficient and safe execution of flights in the US, Central and South America. Maintained aircraft in airworthy conditions while making sure aircraft was ready to served owners and company personnel. Maintained aircraft stocked, clean and crewed. Answered to Owners and stake holders in all maters related to operating cost and flight logistics. Coordinated maintenance and maintained aircraft books and charts up to date.


Jul 2007 - May 2008
Amerijet International
First Officer

Assisted the Captain of B727 before, during and after each flight with cockpit duties including flight planning, weight and balance, security and navigation under FAR 121 in the Caribbean, North, Central and South America.

Sep 2005 - Jun 2006
FlexJet Bombardier
First Officer

Assisted Captain in the operation of LR45/40 with the safe transportation of passengers throughout The Western Hemisphere. Responsible for aircraft pre flights and stocking.  Assisted passengers in flight and on the ground with any request while maintaining the highest level of service and professionalism. Help company promoted their services while working hard to meet customers/owners expectations.

Jun 1998 - Dec 2008
Empire airlines
Check airman

Check Airman for FAR 121 Airline. Responsible for the checking, training and standardization of company crew members. Prepared, conducted classes and training in accordance with company and FAA guidelines. Conducted simulator and aircraft training. Additional duties included F27 Captain transporting FedEx freight throughout the US and Europe and Asia.

Education History

Jun 1996 - Oct 2000
Embry Riddle University
3.80 GPA