Walter Hortman

near New York, NY...

Primary: Contract Pilot
Secondary: Corporate Pilot
Total Time: 20,300
Multi Engine Land: 18,000
Additional locations: Philadelphia New York

About Me

I have been on the GV/G550 since 1999 with extensive international experience throughout the Middle East, Europe,  The Americas, Asia and Africa.
I have just finished G550/450 recurrent. I have experience as Standards/Training Captain  and now as a Chief Pilot for the past 6 years. Additionally I hold an Aircraft Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic License.
I have two valid U.S. passports, French  crew-member visa and a current First Class Medical with no restrictions. I am a very healthy experienced Captain with a strong work ethic and drive.

Additional Skills

Aircraft Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic Licenses. TSA DASSP Criminal History & Threat Assessment. Experienced in Gulfstream final acceptance flights, instructor for Gulfstream crew transition training. Member of Flight Safety GV Customer Advisory Board. Member of Gulfstream GV Customer Planning Board.


Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Single Engine Land
Airplane Multi Engine Land
Flight Instructor
Airplane Single Engine
Airplane Multi Engine

Type Ratings

G-V/A, G-IV/A, CE-560XL/A, DA-50/A, LR-JET/A

Flight Time

20,300 hours
18,000 hours

Special Training

RVSM Certified, Atlantic Crossing/Ops, Pacific Crossing/Ops, Middle East Ops, South American Ops, European Ops, African Ops, CPR Training

Aircraft Experience

Gulfstream G350/450/550
Daily Rate: 2,000 - 2,000
Total: 11,000 hours
PIC: 8,000 hours
SIC: 3,000 hours
Last Recurrent: 11/2023
Gulfstream GV
Daily Rate: 2,000 - 2,000
Total: 4,800 hours
PIC: 3,000 hours
SIC: 1,800 hours
Last Recurrent: 11/2023
Falcon 900
Daily Rate: 1,000 - 0
Total: 4,000 hours
PIC: 2,000 hours
SIC: 2,000 hours
Last Recurrent: 10/2012
Gulfstream GIV (G300, G400)
Daily Rate: 1,200 - 0
Total: 2,100 hours
PIC: 1,300 hours
SIC: 800 hours
Last Recurrent: 10/2016

Employment History

Feb 1983 - Jun 2009
Pfizer Inc
Captain, Trng/Stnd Capt

Captain with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals starting at age of twenty three flying Captain on Lear 55's, DA 50/900 then 19 years Captain GIV and GV/G550.Traing and Standards Captain. Extensive International flying throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East .

Dec 1981 - Feb 1983
Sun Oil Co.
Captain - C550

Pilot/Light Maint. duties.

Coca-Cola Corp.
Contract Captain - G550

Contract Pilot Services

Computer Associates Inc.
Contract Captain - GIV

Contract Pilot Services

Great White Shark Inc. (Greg Norman)
Contract Captain - G550

Contract Pilot Services

Hess Oil
Contract Captain - GV

Contract Pilot Services

Leucadia Inc.
Contract Captain - G550

Contract Pilot Services

Jun 2009 - Present

Captain on a E.J.M managed Part 91/135 GV and also contract pilot for E.J.M. on GV/550/450.

American Express Company
Contract Captain GV

Contract Pilot Services

Education History

Sep 1973 - Jun 1977
George School Prep..
Sep 1977 - Jun 1979
Bucks Co. Aviation Tech
Sep 1974 - Jun 1978
Hortman Aviation Part 141 Flt Sch
Sep 1979 - Jun 1980
Mercer Co. College