Gregg Heath

near Murray, KY... will relocate

Primary: Contract Pilot
Secondary: Corporate Pilot
Total Time: 3,050
Multi Engine Land: 340

About Me

Im looking for interesting flying opportunities rather than time building or stepping up to the airlines. I'd be interested in a SIC position or pipeline patrol. I'm financially secure and available to travel. 

Additional Skills

SAR experience. Fire spotting experience. 16 years experience as wildland firefighter. Certified EMT


Commercial Pilot
Airplane Single Engine Land
Airplane Multi Engine Land
Instrument Airplane
Flight Instructor
Airplane Single Engine
Airplane Multi Engine
Instrument Airplane

Flight Time

3,050 hours
340 hours

Special Training

CPR Training

Aircraft Experience

Cessna Single Piston
Total: 1,500 hours
PIC: 1,500 hours
Diamond DA20/DA40
Total: 100 hours
PIC: 100 hours
Diamond DA42
Total: 25 hours
PIC: 25 hours
Mooney Single Engine
Total: 12 hours
PIC: 12 hours
Piper Twin Piston
Total: 130 hours
PIC: 130 hours
SIC: 40 hours
Piper Meridian
Total: 45 hours
PIC: 45 hours
Last Recurrent: 05/2013

Employment History

Apr 2010 - Present
Cardinal Aviation
Flight Instructor

Provide flight instruction and flight reviews. Fly crop survey flights and waterfowl census flights as needed.