Captain BE1900 - Airline Pilot Job


Compensation: not specified
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Min Total Time: 1800
Min Multi Engine Land: 250

Must meet FAR 135.243(c) requirements for PIC in IFR conditions

1,800 TT, 1000 PIC, 500 hours XC (defined at point to point), 250 multi, 100 turbine, 100 hours instrument (50 must be in aircraft), 100 hours night

Commercial Pilot License multi-engine land with instrument rating, high performance and complex endorsements

Previous FAR121/135 experience


Ours is a Part 135 cargo airline, we are seeking qualified Captain.

Home Based Captain in BE-1900

May live in any city within the contiguous U.S., even cities with an AMF base, that is within one hour of an airport served by at least 2 air carriers with daily service

Regular schedule is 2 weeks on-2 weeks off-2 weeks on-1 week off on an ongoing 7-week rotation...

Flight Time Minimum Requirements

Total Time: 
1800 hours
Multi Engine Land: 
250 hours


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