First Officer - Medford, OR - Airline Pilot Job

Horizon Air

Compensation: not specified
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Min Total Time: 1465

A minimum of 1,465 hours of total flight time or R-ATP qualified.

500 hours of cross-country flight time or 200 if R-ATP or military qualified

100 hours of night flight time.

250 total hours of flight time as pilot in command including 100 hours of cross-country flight time and 25 hours of night flight time...


Perform as Second in Command in the transport of passengers, mail, freight, or for other commercial purposes. Responsible for all aspects and conduct of flight to include preflight of required paperwork and restrictions, conduct of safe flight, and all post flight duties.

Comply with Federal Aviation Regulations (FAA), Company Flight Procedures, and Company Policies on scheduled flights and routes to ensure safety of flight.

Coordinate tasks to permit flight fueling, loading, passenger handling, etc. and associated duties to transport passengers in a safe manner in accordance with company policies and procedures, FOM, FAR's, and CRF's...

Flight Time Minimum Requirements

Total Time: 
1465 hours


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