Part 135 Cargo Captains (Salary $60,000) – Dallas - Texas - Addison Airport, TX - Charter Pilot Job

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Compensation: $60,000.00 and up
Addison Airport
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Min Total Time: 1200
Min Cross Country: 500
Min Night: 100
Min Simulated Instrument: 75

Flight time meeting 135.243(c)  IFR Minimums is required (1200 total time, 500 point-to-point cross country, 100 night, 75 instrument [50 in aircraft]).

Commercial Single Engine and Multi-Engine Land Pilot Certificate

Second Class Medical

Applicants must be willing to relocate to Addison, Texas.

Must be able to work in the USA (no sponsorship).

Please apply through this site or via email (


Whether you are looking for a stable flying job or to gain flight experience for your next step in your flying career, we have opportunities matching either objective. 

We are a stable operator (30+ years) seeking pilots meeting Part 135 IFR single-pilot minimums (135.243(c)) to be based in Addison, Texas (KADS). Pilot schedule is 5 on (M-F) and 2 off (Sat-Sun).

Year-1 Annual Salary $60,000 & Bonus mileage pay is available.
Year-2 Annual Salary $66,000 & Bonus mileage pay is available.
Medical, Dental and Vision benefits available.
Vacation (2 weeks) and Sick Leave (6 days) accrual.

Our company-owned aircraft are well-equipped Cessna 210, Beech Bonanza and Beech Barons with a Garmin 430W.

Pilots will be qualified in both Single and Multiengine aircraft and obtain approx 400 hours of pic multi-time during employment.

Pilots are provided dual EFBs (iPads) and a Stratus 2S for navigation and weather information. 

Flight Time Minimum Requirements

Total Time: 
1200 hours
Cross Country: 
500 hours
100 hours
Simulated Instrument: 
75 hours


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