Captain - Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, IL - Corporate Pilot Job

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Type Rating: CE-560XL
Compensation: not specified
Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport
Tampa International Airport
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Type Rating: CE-560XL /A ATP
Min Total Time: 3000

Required Education and Experience

  • Holds an FAA airline transport pilot certificate.
  • CE-560XL type rating strongly preferred.
  • Holds an FAA first class medical.
  • Candidates with corporate flying experience will be given preference.
  • Has logged a minimum of 3000 hours of total flight time.
  • Has logged a minimum of 1500 hours of multi-engine time.
  • Has logged a minimum of 1000 hours of turbine time.
  • Has logged a minimum of 500 hours of turbine PIC time.
  • Garmin G5000 or Garmin avionics experience preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.



The Captain position in the BRANDT corporate flight department is responsible for flying the company aircraft, ensuring aircraft upkeep and flight readiness, flight planning and recording, and following all expectations of the corporate flight department. This individual must possess the qualifications required by the FAA as well as the requirements listed below. The Captain will delegate responsibilities to the first officer, when applicable.  This individual must communicate well with others, be competent in working with technical data, and be a quick thinker and a team player. 

The Captain will report to the Chief Pilot. This position will work closely with other members of the leadership team. It is strongly preferred that this individual reside within 2 hours of SPI or TPA.

Essential Functions

  • Preflight:
    • Ensure that the aircraft is clean and prepared for flight with all provisions onboard for the safety and comfort of the passengers.
    • Review weight and balance, fuel onboard, and performance charts.
    • Study weather conditions at destination, enroute, and departure points.
    • Study appropriate airport field conditions, approach procedures, and notices to air missions.
  • Aircraft Operations – Become familiar with:
    • All operational procedures applicable to the powerplant, equipment, and systems of the CE-560XL.
    • Performance specifications and limitations.
    • Normal, abnormal, and emergency operating procedures.
    • Flight manual, placards, and markings.
    • All applicable FARs and company policies pertinent to assigned duties.
  • Aircraft and Hangar Upkeep – Responsibilities to be shared among BRANDT personnel:
    • Aircraft interior and exterior cleaning.
    • Restocking galley items.
    • Recording aircraft cescom time.
    • Recording company flight logs.
    • Ensure aircraft readiness items are compliant (E.g. GPS database currency, aircraft oxygen, tire, and nitrogen bottle pressures, oil level, projected maintenance inspections, etc.).
    • Hangar upkeep (stocking, cleaning, etc.)

Required Competencies

  • Flexible and adaptable to schedule changes, delays, etc.
  • Organized and pays close attention to detail.  Plans ahead to accommodate passengers and provides excellent customer service.
  • Communicates well with other members of the flight department as well as BRANDT employees and clients.
  • Possesses excellent work ethic, a high level of professionalism, and is a team player.
  • Continuously on-time.

Classification/Expected Hours of Employment

This is a full-time position and is exempt from minimum wage and overtime pay requirements under federal and all applicable state or local laws.  Days and hours of work are based on the needs of BRANDT employees and clients. 


This job description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of the duties and responsibilities of the position and the duties and responsibilities may change without notice.  

Flight Time Minimum Requirements

Total Time: 
3000 hours


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