LR60 - First Officers - Atlanta, GA - Charter Pilot Job

Worldwide Jet Charter

Compensation: not specified
Hiring Contact:
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Min Total Time: 2000
Min Multi Engine Land: 1000

Flight Crews are home-based and required to reside within two hours of a Gateway Airport.

FAA First Class Medical
Valid US Passport
Total Flight Time           2000 hrs
Total PIC Flight Time    500 hrs
Total MEL Time             1000 hrs...


This position requires an ability to continuously hold personal egos in check, demonstrate a great deal of positivity with unforeseen circumstances, and a strong ability to multi-task while preforming a variety of aviation related tasks with great accuracy and care...

Several domiciles are available for this position.


Flight Time Minimum Requirements

Total Time: 
2000 hours
Multi Engine Land: 
1000 hours


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