Part 135/91 Learjet PIC - Illinois - Chicago, IL - Corporate Pilot Job

Northern Jet

Type Rating: LR-JET
Compensation: not specified
Hiring Contact:
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Type Rating: LR-JET /A ATP
Min Total Time: 1100

Job Requirements:

  • Must meet all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR); Regulatory Requirements, Specific duties and responsibilities.
  • Highly knowledgeable of the Company General Operations Manual (GOM), FAA Regulations, NTSB Procedures, HMR 175, Operations Specifications, TSA Regulations, Aircraft Flight Manuals, and all other material pertinent to his/her duties.
  • Must be able to pass checks for TSA (Transportations Security Administration), National Identity Check, State Criminal Check, FAA Records Check, 5-Year Drug/Alcohol History, Air Carrier Records Check, and National Driver Register Check.
  • Able to read, write, speak and understand the English language in accordance with safety regulations.
  • Must undergo frequent physical examinations and meet certain First Class medical standards.
  • Submit to an initial drug test along with random drug and alcohol testing in order to comply with safety and company guidelines.

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Job description

Northern Jet Management is currently looking for qualified applicants to fill a Pilot position. Aircraft will be operated under Part 91 and 135 regulations and will be based in Chicago, IL. Residency within 120 minutes is required.

In addition to the minimum requirements listed below, preference will be given to candidates with a strong customer service background as well as a self starting personality. Applicants must also possess an ATP, First Class Medical, US Passport with no restrictions on international travel and an FCC radio station license.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 3,000 total time for Captains, 1,100 for First Officers
  • 500 hours jet time
  • A strong commitment to customer service

Preferred qualifications:

  • Learjet type rating
  • Previous 91 and 135 experience
  • 2-4 years industry experience

Pay: PIC (Level 1): $101,000; SIC (Level 1): $56,000

Schedule: 8/5


Northern Jet Perks:

  • Pilots receive rental cars on all trips; points redeemable to you
  • Hilton hotel stays on overnights; hotel points redeemable to you
  • Bonus pay for flying on off days; PIC: $810 SIC: $505
  • $ 56/day per diem
  • 401K match
  • Health, Vision, Dental Insurance
  • Life insurance policy; company paid


Flight Time Minimum Requirements

Total Time: 
1100 hours


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