Lear Pilot SIC - Corporate Pilot Job

REACH Air Medical Services

Compensation: not specified
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Min Total Time: 1500
Min Multi Engine Land: 250

The SIC must be highly knowledgeable of the Operations Manual, Operations Specifications, appropriate FARs, Airplane Flight Manuals, etc., and any other instructions pertinent to his/her duties.

Total time – 1500 hours Airplane
Multi-Engine - 250 hours airplane multi-engine land
PIC – 250 Airplane ...


Assists in the preparation for flight.
Assists the Captain in discharging safety responsibilities.
Performs duties as assigned during flight preparation and in flight.
Must be prepared to assume the duties of the pilot in command in the event the pilot in command is incapacitated.
Must be knowledgeable of the Company Manual, Federal Aviation Administration Regulations,..

Flight Time Minimum Requirements

Total Time: 
1500 hours
Multi Engine Land: 
250 hours


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