Full-Time Corporate Pilot - 60450, IL - Corporate Pilot Job


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Min Total PIC: 2000



We are a small family-owned company located in Morris, IL that is looking for a corporate pilot to fly our Cessna CJ3+. The individual must be able to communicate effectively and become a person managing all aviation/travel aspects for the employer.

The Pilot is responsible for safe piloting and navigating at all hours and through various weather conditions. Additionally, the Pilot will also be responsible for overseeing the maintenance/cleaning of the aircraft and hangar, maintaining accurate record-keeping, ensuring the aircraft is ready for prompt take-off times, staying within the allotted pilot budget allowance for travel accommodations and food, and assisting with other duties as needed.


-Class 1 medical

- PIC experience 2000+ hours

- Ability and experience in taking immediate action during the flight

Corporate pilot flying assignments are far from routine: 

- Be directly and fully responsible for the operation of that aircraft

- Perform a complete internal and external pre-flight inspection using all required checklists, refueling and servicing of the aircraft, ensure proper provisions are on board for each flight

- Plan all aspects of flights including pre-flight responsibilities and weather assessment, flight planning etc.

- Ensure aircraft is clean and maintained in time, all associated equipment is well kept, safe and appropriate for use

- Completing all post-flight duties, including flight logs, deferred item sheet, notification to the company of any deviation from the planned itinerary

- Ensure that passengers are treated with privacy and respect and their safety is number one priority

- Carry out other activities as agreed, i.e. driving vehicles, helping with other arrangements

- Assist with legal, logistical and operational matters as agreed and as appropriate.


· Factory Training on Cessna CJ3+ (if needed)

· Full-Time Position

· Competitive Salary

· Health and Vision Insurance


Flight Time Minimum Requirements

Total PIC: 
2000 hours


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