Chief Corporate Pilot - San Antonio, TX - Corporate Pilot Job

TransPecos Banks

Compensation: not specified
San Antonio
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Min Total Time: 4000

ATP,  ME,  Type  rated,  4000TT  PIC,  2500ME,  1000TJ,  200MM  and has successfully completed and passed the Manufacturer's approved Ground and Flight school in the make and model during the twelve months preceding the flight involved.


Performs preflight and post flight inspections to evaluate aircraft flown for mechanical and cosmetic discrepancies and accurately communicates with the applicable Service Facility to maintain the highest possible standards of quality and safety.

Ensure that aircraft flown are scheduled for required inspections. Ensures that the aircraft are certified to MNPS/RVSM/RNP Standards to meet all travel requirements, both domestic and international...

Flight Time Minimum Requirements

Total Time: 
4000 hours


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