Pipeline Patrol Pilot - Midland, TX - Charter Pilot Job

American Patrols, Inc.

Compensation: not specified
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Minimum of 400 Hours Total Time, Commercial Single-engine Land, Instrument Rating, Previous Commercial Pilot Experience Preferred, CFI Highly Preferred.

Must Be Current and Proficient in a Cessna 172.

Comfortable in High Winds and Small Runways Safety Oriented Attitude Impeccable Stick and Rudder Skills, High Level of Situational Awareness


Our pilots enjoy a fun and challenging job, have 8 days off per month, and fly consistently.

One year contract required, with completion bonus. We are looking for unwavering COMMITMENT. We will help you get the hours you need to progress to the next step in your career. You have to be committed mentally for a year. The rest of our team is counting on YOU.


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