Pilot in Command, G650 - Seattle, WA - Charter Pilot Job

Executive Jet Management

Compensation: not specified
Hiring Contact:
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Min Total Time: 3500
Min Multi Engine Land: 1500

Airman Certificate     ATP

Ratings     Appropriate PIC Type Rating

Medical Certificate*     First-class, valid for ATP privileges

Total Flight Time     3500

Pilot in Command     2000

Multi Engine Land     1500 ...


Currently we are seeking qualified PIC candidates for a Gulfstream G-650 aircraft based in the Pacific Northwest U.S. This is a three pilot account supported by a full-time maintenance technician and flight department scheduler.

The PIC is responsible for ensuring a safe, dependable, and professional experience for all individuals traveling on the aircraft.

The PIC is responsible for the conducting and overseeing all trip planning and execution, including, but not limited to:

Ensuring the aircraft meets all performance and airworthiness requirements

Completing and/or assisting other crewmember(s) with aircraft preflight duties...

Flight Time Minimum Requirements

Total Time: 
3500 hours
Multi Engine Land: 
1500 hours


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